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GTT Fibre 10 package will be billed at the reduced rate of $5,699 instead of the standard price of $7,999.
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*Note that rental charge of GYD$400 VAT Inc. is applicable on all Fibre plans.


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NEW* Battery Backup
Select a battery back-up option below:

Battery Back-up (BE850)

Model # BE850 VA UPS
450 Watts
110v Input
110v Output
Surge Protection
9 Power Outlets
One Year Manufacturer's Warranty


Back-up Battery (BE600)

Model # BE600M1
600VA / 330 Watts
7 Power Outlets
120 Volts
50/60 Hz
490 Joules
Surge Protection
LED Indicators
5 feet Cord
One Year Manufacturer's Warranty


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GTT Fibre Plan Monthly $0.00
Plume Service Fee Monthly $0.00
Business Phone Plan
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Fibre to Fibre $2.50 per min
Fibre to Landline $14.00 per min
Fibre to Mobile $18.00 per min

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