DSL to Blaze 2020

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During this time, we know many of you are at home more! We applaud you for helping to keep yourself and others safe by adhering to the recommended social distancing policy – this will assist to prevent the
spread of COVID-19. We know while you are at home you still need to be connected – perhaps now more than ever. There is work to be done, children need to continue learning and university students need to complete online
courses. Stay safe while doing all of this in the comfort of your own home with increased bandwidth from GTT.

For the same price, you can upgrade your DSL to Blaze.
Available plans include: 
DSL Bronze 1.5mbps to Blaze Ignite 5mbps 
DSL Silver 5mbps to Blaze Flaming 20mbps 
DSL Gold 10mbps to Blaze Inferno 50mbps

Phone Plan
Call Type Free Bundle Minutes PAYG/Overage Pricing
Blaze to Blaze 450 $2.50 per min
Blaze to Landline 450 $14.00 per min
Blaze to Mobile na $18.00 per min
Internal Use Only

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