Fixed LTE Support


Getting Started
This is a fixed wireless service available to customers on the Essequibo Coast as a replacement for the traditional copper and wireless services that has been operational for years.



  1. Valid National ID card or Passport.
  2. Valid Email address
  • Reboot your modem by unplugging your modem for 30 seconds
  • Reset your wireless router if attached. 
  • Periodically unplugging your wireless router for 30 seconds will clear its cache.
  • Limit the number of connected devices.  Mode connected devices mean slower speeds.

Bills are due on 1st of every month and payable by 10th of each month. Services are billed from the time of installation.

Viewing your Fixed LTE account has never been easier. For your convenience there are 2 ways to access your account:

Paying your Fixed LTE bill has never been easier. For your convenience there are 3 ways to pay:

  • Via your GTT Mobile Money account
  • Through any of the over 200 MMG agents around the country
  • Visit any GTT store

30GB of Data 
Download speed 2Mbps
Upload Speed 512Kps
Price: GYD $7,999


40GB of Data 
Download speed 5Mbps
Upload Speed 1Mbps
Price: GYD $8,999

50GB of Data 
Download speed 10Mbps
Upload Speed 2Mbps
Price: GYD $9,999

Service is throttled to 256kbps once data cap is depleted.  For resumption, please recharge account. Overage fee of 75 cents per MB will be charged and full data cap will be restored at the start of the new month



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