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GTT continues to do more to improve your internet service experience so that we can bring you the best speeds at the best value. Over the last three years, we have kept prices affordable.  Your DSL Service is an add-on to your Wireline service and as such a fixed line is required


To see if DSL is available in your area please click here.

To apply for DSL service click here

For step by step instuctions on how to install your DSL modem click here

  1. Valid National ID card or Passport.
  2. Active Wireline Service
  3. Landline Service must be in the name of the person applying for the internet service or proper authorization for same is required.
  4. Valid Email Address
  1. Letter on Company's Letterhead requesting service(s).
  2. Company stamp affixed on the application form(s).
  3. Copy of current Certificate of Registration.
  4. Active Wireline Service
  5. Valid Email Address
  • Install a filter on your phone(s).  There is one in the new Smart/RG Modems.
  • Reboot your modem by unplugging it for 30 seconds
  • Reset your wireless router. 
  • Periodically unplugging your wireless router for 30 seconds will clear its cache.
  • Limit the number of connected devices.  Mode connected devices mean slower speeds.

Bills are due on 1st of every month (payable before the 10th to avoid disconnection) of each month. Services are billed from the time of installation.

Viewing your Internet account has never been easier. For your convenience there are 2 ways to access your account:

Paying your Internet bill has never been easier. For your convenience there are 3 ways to pay:

  • Via your GTT Mobile Money account
  • Any Bill Express or Sure Pay agent countrywide
  • Through any of the over 200 MMG agents countrywide  
  • Visit any GTT store

Residential Service



Monthly Plan Cost

Wireless Modem Cost


5 Mbps




10 Mbps



For additional details go to https://www.gtt.co.gy/shop/internet/plans  

Business Service



Monthly Plan Cost

Wireless Modem Cost

Business BRONZE

Up to 1.5Mbps



Business SILVER

Up to 5Mbps



Business GOLD

Up to 10Mbps



You can get a Fixed IP address for only $5,000 monthly.

For additional details go to https://www.gtt.co.gy/node/160

Speed Test
At any moment, you can verify the speed your BLAZE service is providing by simply following these 3 simple steps:

  • Connect a single device via Ethernet to your BLAZE terminal.
  • Please see the section below on managing and improving WiFi.
  • Visit http://gttgy.speedtestcustom.com Hit GO

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