unlimited plans

Unlimited Plans

GTT GYAFF-A-LOT BUNDLES for Prepaid Customers

Unlimited GTT Talk, Text and Whatsapp Chat Bundle

Bundles contain:

  • Unlimited Talk to GTT numbers
  • Unlimited Text to GTT numbers
  • Unlimited WhatsApp Chat
  • Minutes that are valid for calls to Digicel numbers as well as calls to the US & Canada
  • Data for all your online needs on Guyana's #1 network.


Gyaff-A-Lot Bundles
Plan Name WhatsApp Chat Voice and SMS Data Price
    GTT Other Networks (US and Canada)    
Gyaff-A-Lot 3 Days Unlimited Unlimited 30 Minutes 200 MB $ 960.00
Gyaff-A-Lot 7 Days Unlimited Unlimited 50 Minutes 800 MB $ 1,540.00
Gyaff-A-Lot 14 Days Unlimited Unlimited 100 Minutes 1 GB $ 3,080.00
Gyaff-A-Lot 30 Days Unlimited Unlimited 200 Minutes 3 GB $ 5,870.00


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Real VOICE minutes per "unlimited" plan are as follows:

3    Days     2, 250
7    Days     5, 250
14   Days   10, 500
30  Days   22, 500


How it works
  • Bundles are available via *100# and the My GTT Mobile App.
  • There is NO Rollover of voice minutes or SMS text messages for these bundles.
  • Any internet usage other than Whatsapp chat will be deducted from your data allocation
  • If you are using a bundle and would like to purchase another bundle, the days of the second bundle you want to purchase must be greater than or equal to the number of days remaining in the bundle you are already using.
  • Customers will be able to use the new bundles along with GTT+’s standard data plans.
  • This is applicable only to customers in Guyana and cannot be used when roaming.
Reasons to buy
  • Huge Savings compared to the other network.
  • More value for your dollar
  • More Data, Voice and SMS per bundle than ever before
  • You Get to DO More & Pay less
  • WhatsApp CHAT is FREE! 
    Note: you still use your data allocation for Whatsapp video and voice calls. Minutes allotted on each of the plans allows you to make calls to Digicel Mobile numbers, the United States and Canada.