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Landline Plans

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i) All rates are quoted in G$.



Get more power out of your landline with features that put you in control of calls.

Call Waiting
No more busy signals. Put a call on hold to answer another.
3-way Calling
Have more fun with three people on one call.
Call Forward (Fixed)
Don't miss out. Forward calls to another telephone line.
Caller Id
Know who it is before you answer.
Wake-Up Call
Lose the alarm. Wake up to a call instead.
Let callers leave you a message when you're busy or not home.
Speed Calling (Long)
Always have your favorite numbers at your finger tip.
Delayed Call Forwarding
Set the number of rings allowed at the forwarding extension before it is forwarded to the receiver.
Call Forwarding Universal
Never miss a call, have your calls forwarded to another telephone or even cell.
Call Forward Do Not Answer
Have your call forwarded on a schedule.
Call Forward Busy
Don't worry if your line is busy, have your calls forwarded to another telephone.
Call Forward Simultaneous
You can set up call forwarding with simultaneously ring so you never miss a call again.
Calling Name Delivery
Always know who's calling.
Ring Again
Never miss another call again if your line is busy.
Make Set Busy
Make your number busy if you don't want to be disturbed.
Calling Line Flash
Switch to another incoming call with ease.
Directory Name Hunt
Search the Directory with ease.
Cut Off on Disconnection
Hang up on auto ring out.
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i) All rates are quoted in G$.


Additional Features

Looking for more features? Say no more. 

Miscellaneous Non-Recurring Charges

Services  Charges $
Programme Charge $240
Record Charge $170
Observed Line (Per Call Trace) $384
Activate Observe Line $384
Special Bill, Bill Copy  $300

Operator Assistance

Service Charge $
Station to Station Assistance Surcharge (Per Call) $140
Person to Person Assistance Surcharge (Per Call) $140
Domestic Directory Assistance $140

Directory Charges

Service Charge $
Non- Published Number (Suppressed) $340
Additional White Pages Listing $340


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i) All rates are quoted in G$.


Domestic and International Call Rates

Got friends and family across the globe? Find out "What's up" with Local and Local Long-Distance Calling And International Outbound Calls.