Stream TV FAQs

“We are announcing that after two years of serving you with TV entertainment, we will be discontinuing the Stream TV service on May 31st 2020. We are inspired by the users who log in each day and we have decided to put our hearts into focusing on doing what we do best which is to build the best network that can facilitate the finest in video entertainment offered by capable providers.
We want you to enjoy the best of your Internet connection, so as a Stream TV Customer, you qualify for a free TV trial from Air Link. To sign up for their free TV trial, simply click here"



Every user will be required to register for the StreamTV Service. 

  • Click Register Now to Sign Up
  • Click Reset Here if you forget your password.


Kindly complete the following fields to gain access to the StreamTV Application. 

1. What is Stream TV?

StreamTV is free video product featuring live, TV channels including the highest rated prime time content from the US Networks as well as live news.  All of the live streams can be recorded for later viewing.

2. How will I access these video channels?

You will be able to access these channels on supported browsers (Point 14) of GTT Fixed Internet ready service.  Smartphones, tablets, PC’s, laptops, are common devices used to access the web application but must be connected to the GTT Fixed Internet Service (DSL, Blaze).  This service will NOT be accessible on the Mobile Data Service.

3. To watch channels on TV, do I need any additional device or will I need to go through any special setting or configuration process to gain access?

You will need access the service will via your browser (see point 14 below).

4. How many channels will be available on Stream TV?

Up to twenty channels will be offered.

5. Will customers with any GTT Broadband plan be eligible for Stream TV?

Stream TV is for:

  • All Blaze Plans
  • Bronze, Silver and Gold DSL

** Customers on the 256Kbps plan will not be able to access Stream TV

User groups Enhanced
DSL Bronze YES (Promotional Offer Only)
DSL Silver YES
Blaze Ignite  YES
Blaze Flaming YES
Blaze Inferno YES
6. What are the channels available for StreamTV?

Channels offered are as follows:









One America News



MovieStars Music

TVG 28 - Local

HJTV - Local

HGPTV - Local



Three Angels




7. How do you determine which channels a customer can access?

DSL Bronze, Silver, Gold and Fibre customers will enjoy all of the channels being offered.

8. What would I have to do if I want to have access?

The list of channels available to the customer is fixed- if you are a bronze customer, you can upgrade to our Silver or Gold Plan (to experience a better quality of service).

9. Will the speed of my service affect the quality of the videos I watch?

No, barring other factors affecting the speed of your DSL service, Stream TV has Adaptive Bit Rate technology which facilitates the dynamic adjustment based on the speed of the connection.

10. Is there a limit to how many customers can use Stream TV at once (simultaneously)?

Yes, users are limited to two (2) simultaneous streams per fixed line account - Video streams will slow all other internet traffic in the home.

11. Is there an additional monthly charge for this product?

No.  Your monthly charge is for your Internet plan.  This is a Value Added Service.

12. How to record a program?

Click on the Record button to the top right of the required program and a notification stating “Record successful” will be displayed to the top right hand side of the screen. Recordings are stored for 30 days.  

13. How to playback a recorded program?

Click on the Recorded TV tab to the top of the browser to view all recorded programs.

14. What browser versions are supported?

The following browsers and versions are supported by Stream TV.

Click here to see steps to view version and upgrade browser

15. Where is a new video stream loaded?

When a new video is selected, the user should scroll to the top of the page.

16. How to select a Category?

Click dropdown menu labelled “All” to filter by Category. 

17. How to select the Guide?

Click dropdown menu labelled “All” to filter by Category. 

18. What do the icons represent?

I. Play/ Pause

II. High Definition: enables user to switch between different resolutions, ranging from 720p to 144p.

III. Closed caption/Subtitle: however this is not available for all channels. Closed Caption icon only appears if the CC content is available (i.e. Fox, Newsmax, Sankhya, Three Angels/3abn, and The Word).

IV. Adjustable Volume

V.  Adjustable Screen: enables user to switch between full screen and normal screens.

Troubleshooting Guide

Troubleshooting Guide

1. Issue: Unable to log in.

Check Enhanced Broadband Interface (EBB) to verify the status of the Broadband service associated with the account.

If disconnected: No access will be allowed

If connected:  Verify the number of users connected via that broadband service. Up to two simultaneous sessions for wired services both Copper and Fibre.

2. Issue: I am trying to access Stream TV using my mobile device and I am not getting through.

Verify that it is a mobile that is connected to a GTT Fixed Internet service.

3. Issue: Cannot view specific networks (video channels)

The customer should be advised to log out and log in again.

Important Terms

ABR (Adaptive Bit rate) is a technology capable of dynamic adjustment and successfully delivering a complete stream between a minimum requirement (low bitrate, SD Low res, e.g. Bronze Plan) and a maximum requirement (HD high res, e.g. Silver/Gold/Blaze Plan).