Internet and Circuits

Dedicated Internet Service

More Speed+

More Speed plus Greater Efficiency!

Great Efficiency

  • Superior network with no single point of failure and a fully redundant network. 
  • Fast, reliable and dedicated service directly to your office.
  • Provides the highest level of data security. 
  • Symmetical delivery plus provides the highest level of data scrutiny. 
  • Excellent for heavy data demands, video streaming, call conferencing, educational programs and more. 
  • Customer support round the clock.
  • Get great bundling offer for telephone and data services using SIP solutions. 

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Dedicated IP Service

Customized to suite your Business needs

  • A point -to- point WAN circuit that offers inter-office communication with NO Internet access
  • Secured data transmission among end users.
  • Add VPN for additional security
  • 24/7 customer support 

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International Private Leased Circuit (IPLC)

Connecting you Internationally

  • Communicate with offices around the world using a point-to-point private line
  • Use the circuit to exchange business data, conduct video conferencing and more
  • Guaranteed symmetical data delivery and bandwidth.
  • Monitored by our trained professionals 24/7.
  • Always on, always ready for operations.

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Enhance Perfomance

GTT's business solutions are reliable, scalable and flexible.

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Business High Speed Internet Plans
Business DSL Plans


Monthly Cost
Business BRONZE Up to 1.5Mbps $11,599
Business SILVER Up to 5Mbps $11,799
Business GOLD Up to 10Mbps $15,999