Valentine’s Handset Promotion

1. What is the Valentine’s Handset promotion?

The Valentine’s handset promotion provides ALL GTT customers with a Nokia 4.2 smartphone device at affordable prices, coupled with data, talk and SMS valid for 1 month for Prepaid Subscribers.

2. When does the promotion begin?

The promotion is valid from February 12th to 16th, 2020.

3. What are the handsets that are available in the promotion?

Handset Model

Prepaid Price

Postpaid Price

Nokia 4.2



*Prepaid customers receive 4GB data, 100mins or 200SMS for 1 month.

*Postpaid customers will receive the handset at a reduced cost as stated above without a bundle or data offer.

4. What does the offer include?

The offer includes a Nokia 4.2 smartphone at $29,999 and a Monthly Bundle Plan for $3,699 for Prepaid Subscribers and the device only at $29,999 for Postpaid subscribers.

5. Does the customer need to top up in order to receive the bundle?

No, the CSR will add the bundle to the customer account at no additional cost.

6. How long will the bundles be valid?

All of the bundles are valid for one (1) month.

7. Will the customer be able to purchase additional bundles?

Yes, the customer will still be able to purchase additional bundles by dialing *100*3*1#.

8. Where can customers purchase the handsets?

 The devices can be purchased at any GTT Retail store while stocks last.

9. What happens if the customer has an outstanding Lend ME on the account?

The customer will need to replenish the balance in order to have the plan activated.