DSL to Blaze 2020 FAQs

1. How long will the promotion be valid for?

Enjoy the special rate up to July 31, 2020, Offer valid until April 30th, 2020.

2. How can I find out if I am eligible for the DSL to Blaze promotion?

On our website https://www.gtt.co.gy/webform/dsl-blaze-2020, simply enter your home telephone number on the form and it will indicate if you are eligible.

3. What plans can I upgrade to?

Base on your DSL plan the corresponding will be applicable:

DSL Bronze 1.5mbps to Blaze Ignite 5mbps 

DSL Silver 5mbps to Blaze Flaming 20mbps 

DSL Gold 10mbps to Blaze Inferno 50mbps

4. Can I revert to DSL?

Once the upgrade is complete, DSL will no longer be available to you and you will not be able to revert to your old DSL Service.

5. Can I apply for this promotion if I am not a DSL customer?

Unfortunately no, this promotion is only applicable for DSL customer.

6. How long will be upgrade take?

Upgrade will take 7-10 business days, providing that all documents are submitted and your DSL account is in good standing.

7. Can I upgrade and/or downgrade during the promotion?

Yes, however, you will be required to pay the existing monthly charge of the upgraded or downgraded respective Blaze plan and you will no longer be able to benefit from the promotional prices and would be subjected to our regular Blaze prices.

Here are the contact numbers for our sales team:

Street Sales Team  



Brandon Persaud 654 7545
Donovan Mickle 617 6227
Kevin Ewing Chow 642 5151
Marvin McLeod 622 7727
Nuella Nicholson 642 3420
Shamella Headley 654 7653
Theo Wilburg 654 7650


GTT Sales Team  



Tanisha Goddard 603 7125
Sillon Chester 614 8885
Ulele Cox 658 1787
Renee Atwell 627 6658
Garlanda Benn 641 3534
Elias Bagot 628 3003
Tiffany Noel 625 7772
Alana Gravesande 650 5643
Bianca Fenty 622 4369
Hilton Sarius 612 5445
Abigail Samuels 654 3582
Trianna Weeks 692 1994
Michelle Shurland 641 4133
Tiffany McPherson 618 7549
Saskia Major 614 4622
Sheneshia Marshall 611 1057
Lyn Lewis 638 8326
Olivia Bhola 656 2981
Calencia Facey 611 1414