Prepaid Teachers Plan

25% more credit
data | SMS | minutes

1. What is the Prepaid Teacher’s Plan?

The Prepaid Teacher’s Plan is one specially designed to provide all teachers with 25% bonus on all purchased mobile products and services.

2. What is the purpose of the Teacher’s Plan?

The purpose of the plan is to give back to our teachers in recognition of the integral role they play in shaping and developing the country’s future workforce.

3. What do the teachers get with this plan?

With this plan, teachers get 25% extra on any mobile service they purchase such as:

  • Data Plans – any data plan purchased comes with 25% extra data. 

For example, if the purchased plan originally had 350MB of data, with the additional 25%, it would now have 438MB.

  • Mobile Bundles – 25% extra is added to each component of a purchased mobile bundle.

For example, if a mobile bundle originally had 4GB of data, 100 Minutes and 200 SMS, on the teacher’s plan it would now have 5GB of data, 125 Minutes and 250 SMS.

  • Top Up – teachers receive 25% bonus credit every time they top up, regardless of the amount topped up.

For example, if a teacher tops up $500, he/she receives $125 in bonus credit.

4. When does the 25% bonus expire?

The data, minutes and SMS bonuses are added to the original amounts of the plan and expire according to the duration of the plan.  That is, if a teacher purchases a 3-day plan, the bonus will expire in 3 days.

The top up bonus is added to the teacher’s promotional balance and expires within 48 hours.

5. How can Teacher’s sign up for this plan?

Signing up is as easy as 123!

  1. Get a job letter from the school or the Ministry of Education.
  2. Take the letter, along with a valid photo ID, to any GTT Retail Store
  3. Sign up for the plan.

6. Is this plan only available to teachers?

Yes, only teachers can sign up for this plan.