+Star Competition


Who do you think will be GTT's next +Star Singing Competition Winner?  Text to vote today!

- GTT Subscribers text contestant number to 620-VOTE (620-8683) 
- DIGICEL Subscribers text contestant number to 592-620-VOTE (592-620-8683)

Charge per text is $100 (VAT inclusive).  

Results are updated each day at 9:00 a.m.


Text2Vote Process 

The process for the text2vote aspect of the +STAR Singing Competition is as follows:

25 Special Feature May 27 12:00 noon N/A N/A
Quarter-final Round N/A N/A June 14 12:00 noon
Semi-final Round June 16 12:00 noon June 21 12:00 noon
Final Round June 23 12:00 noon June 28 12:00 noon


Vote now for your favourite contestant in the GTT +Star Singing competition by following these steps:

  1. GTT customers just text the contestant’s number to 620-VOTE(8683).
  2. If you are a Digicel customer, text the contestant's number to 592-620-VOTE(8683).  Make sure to put the 592 before the number.
  3. Each vote costs $100GYD (vat inclusive)
  4. Once your vote is successful, you will receive the following message: Your vote for participant [# and Name] in GTT +Star Singing competition was successful.
  5. If your vote is invalid for any reason, you will receive the following message: Sorry, your text could not be validated. Please check the number of the contestant and try again.