Lend Me

Welcome to Lend Me!

Out of credit?  Can’t get to a top up agent?  Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! 

Just dial *100*7# or send the specific keyword to 620-LOAN and we’ll lend you what you need.  You can repay the loan amount at your next top up plus a small service fee applied for the use of the service.

Need some credit? No problem! You can borrow:

Amount of Credit  Keyword Service Fee

Repayment Amount

$250 Lend250 $25 $275
$140 Lend140 $14 $154


Need a minute?  Then take a minute!
Amount of Minutes Keyword Regular Price Service Charge Repayment Amount 
1 Minute LendMin $34 $6 $40
3 Minutes Lend 3 min $102 $18 $120
10 Minutes (GTT only) Lend GTT $340 $30 $370


Just need to send a quick message? Borrow some SMS
Amount of SMS Keyword Regular Price Service Charge Repayment Amount
1 SMS LendSMS $9.28 $2.72 $12
3 SMS Lend 3 SMS $27.84 $7.16 $35


Want to finish watching that video but need some more data? Get your data plan right now.
Data Plans Keyword Regular Price Service Charge Repayment Amount
Social Plan LendSocial $399 $50 $389
Daily Plan LendDaily $299 $50 $349
Daily Plus Plan LendDaily plus $399 $50 $449
3 Day Plan Lend3day $599 $100 $699
7 Day Plan Lend7day $1,459 $200 $1,659


Additional Details

Terms and Conditions of the Service:

  • The amount you can borrow is dependent on your credit limit.

  • Your credit limit is set based on your maximum consecutive top up amount over the last three (3) months.

  • Once your loan amount reaches your credit limit, you must repay the loan before you can borrow again.

  • If you borrow credit, the money is added to your core balance and treated as a normal top up, i.e. you can use it in any way you wish and it will expire in 90 days.

  • If you have an existing bundle and then borrow minutes or SMS, talk time and SMS will be deducted from your bundle’s balance first.  Only when your bundle balance is completely depleted will the borrowed minutes and SMS be utilized.