Lend Me

Welcome to Lend Me!

Just dial *100*7# or send the specific keyword to 620-LOAN and we’ll lend you what you need.  You can repay the loan amount at your next top up plus a small service fee applied for the use of the service.

Need some credit? No problem! You can borrow:

Amount of Credit  Keyword Service Fee

Repayment Amount

$250 Lend250 $25 $275
$140 Lend140 $14 $154


Need a minute?  Then take a minute!
Amount of Minutes Keyword Regular Price Service Charge Repayment Amount 
1 Minute LendMin $30.16 $9.84 $40
3 Minutes Lend 3 min $90.48 $29.52 $120
10 Minutes (GTT only) Lend GTT $180 $69.00 $249


Just need to send a quick message? Borrow some SMS
Amount of SMS Keyword Regular Price Service Charge Repayment Amount
1 SMS LendSMS $9.28 $2.72 $12
3 SMS Lend 3 SMS $27.84 $7.16 $35


Additional Details

Terms and Conditions of the Service:

  • The amount you can borrow is dependent on your credit limit.

  • Your credit limit is set based on your maximum consecutive top up amount over the last three (3) months.

  • Once your loan amount reaches your credit limit, you must repay the loan before you can borrow again.