My GTT App

MyGTT was created just for you! So what’s in it for you?

  1. No long lines, No long calls, No worries
  1. Effortless viewing of Bills
    • View your bills as soon as they are generated
    • See any changes to your bills before making payments
  1. Downloading Bills
    • Keep track of all your bills by downloading them
    • Print downloaded bills for proof of address
  1. Paying Bills
    • Pay your bills with your debit or credit card. It’s as easy as shopping online.
    • Payment is secured and faster.
  1. Bonus features: Live chat, Online Top-up, Buy data plans

To register for MyGTT the following is required : Last Invoice number

You can access your last invoice number by checking your last bill, contacting a chat agent here or calling the call center at 0488