Lend Me

Welcome to Lend Me!

Out of credit?  Can’t get to a top up agent?  Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! 

Just dial *100*3*7# or send the specific keyword to 620-LOAN and we’ll lend you what you need.  You can repay the loan amount at your next top up plus a small service fee applied for the use of the service.

Need some credit? No problem! You can borrow:

Amount of Credit  Keyword Service Fee Round Up Amount
$140 Lend140 $14 $154
$250 Lend250 $25 $275
$500 Lend500 $50 $550
$1,000 Lend1000 $100 $1,100
$1,500 Lend1500 $150 $1,650
$2,000 Lend2000 $200 $2,200
Need a minute?  Then take a minute!
Amount of Minutes Keyword Regular Price Service Charge Round Up Amount
1 Minute LendMin $34 $3.40 $37
3 Minutes Lend 3 min $102 $10.20 $112
10 Minutes (GTT only) Lend GTT $340 $34 $374


Just need to send a quick message? Borrow some SMS
Amount of SMS Keyword Regular Price Service Charge Round Up Amount
1 SMS LendSMS $9.28 $0.93 $10
3 SMS Lend 3 SMS $27.84 $2.78 $31


Want to finish watching that video but need some more data? Get your data plan right now.
Data Plans Keyword Regular Price Service Charge Round Up Amount
Social Plan LendSocial $350.00 $35.00 $385.00
Daily Plan LendDaily $262.28 $26.23 $289.00
Daily Plus Plan LendDaily plus $350.00 $35.00 $385.00
3 Day Plan Lend3day $525.44 $52.55 $578.00
7 Day Plan Lend7day $1,407.90 $140.79 $1,549.00


Frequently Asked Questions
  1. What is the LendMe Service?

    GTT’s LendMe is a service that allows subscribers to borrow loans in the form of Credit, SMS, Minutes and Data and repay later.

  2. How does the service work?

    Customers can request to borrow a loan based on their credit limits, through the *100# USSD menu or via SMS and repay later.

  3. How to qualify for the LendMe Service?

    To qualify for the GTT’s LendMe Service, the subscriber must be in possession of the GTT SIM card and be an active customer for a minimum of 3 months.

  4. How to borrow a loan from GTT?

    There are two ways in which a subscriber can borrow a loan from GTT.Via the USSD menu by dialing *100*3# and selecting option “7” in the main menu.Via SMS by sending the specific keyword to 620-LOAN (5626).

  5. How much can I borrow?

    The loans that each customer can borrow will be determined by their credit limit. GTT offers a range of credit loans from $140 to $3000.

    In the table below are the available values for Credit loans, the service fees and repayment amount for each.

    Amount of Credit  Keyword Service Fee

    Repayment Amount

    $140 Lend140 $14 $154
    $250 Lend250 $25 $275
    $500 Lend500 $50 $550
    $1,000 Lend1000 $100 $1,100
    $2,000 Lend2000 $200 $2,200
    $3,000 Lend3000 $300 $3,300
  6. How is my credit limit determined?

    Your credit is set using a combination of your top up frequency and recharge history.

  7. How do I repay my loan?

    Repaying is easy! The loan can be repaid in a number of ways:

    1. After recharging your account, the credit will automatically be deducted from your core balance for both the loan borrowed and the service fee attached.
    2. If the top up amount is not enough to cover the entire loan balance plus fees, the credit will be held as a partial payment towards the outstanding balance, all subsequent recharges will be deducted until the loan is repaid in full.
    3. If the customer does not recharge his account within 30 days, the outstanding loan balance will be deducted either partially or totally from the customer core balance.
  8. Can I use my LendMe Credit for more than calls and SMS?

    Yes! Your LendMe credit can also be used to activate data plans.

  9. Is this service also available for Postpaid customers?

    No, this service is only available to prepaid subscribers.

  10. Is this service also available for Postpaid customers?

    No, this service is only available to prepaid subscribers.

  11. Is this service available while Roaming?

    Yes, you will be able to access the LendMe service while roaming.

  12. Will I be notified when my core balance or top up is applied towards repaying my loan?

    Yes, you will receive and SMS notification detailing how much credit was applied towards the repayment of your loan, as well as any remaining balance.

  13. What happens if I do not repay my loan?

    If the loan borrowed is not repaid within 30 days of taking the Lend ME then the subscriber will be unable to access loans in any form whether Credit, SMS, Minutes or Data until the outstanding balance is cleared.  The customer’s credit limit will also be lowered and if the subscriber fails to repay the loan, they can be barred from using the service in the future.

Additional Details

Terms and Conditions of the Service:

  1. The Lendme service offered by the Guyana Telephone & Telegraph Co. Ltd (‘the Offer’) is available to selected Prepaid Customers only (‘Customers’) and at the Guyana Telephone & Telegraph Co. Ltd’s (‘GTT’) sole discretion thereof. 

  2. The Offer is effective from the date of these Terms and Conditions (‘the Agreement’), and is available until otherwise terminated or withdrawn by GTT, at its sole discretion thereof (the “Validity Period”).
  3. Lendme is a “borrow and pay back” service which allows Customers to “borrow” credit for designated calls, text messages and/or plan purchases as and when determined by GTT and “payback” the amount borrowed plus a transaction fee, which shall be determined by GTT. The Customer hereby unequivocally agrees to repay the amount borrowed plus the transaction fee. Lendme service consists of the credit borrowed (the ‘loan’) and a transaction fee, both of which the Customer is obligated to repay in full from their subsequent top ups and which the Customer hereby represents and warrants that he/she will repay.  

  4. Customers will receive a text message from GTT, which will advise them of their eligibility to access the Offer for a pre-determined amount based on the Customer’s usage on the network. The Customer may receive such text messages from GTT at any time during the Validity Period subject to the subsequent terms of these conditions of the service.

  5. The Customer hereby understands and agrees that Customers will be charged a transaction fee of ten percent (10%) of the loan amount for each loan taken by the Customer.

  6. The amount of the loan in addition to the transaction fee will be deducted from the Customer’s core balance on the next top up immediately following the loan and each successive top-up thereafter until both the loan and the transaction fee are fully repaid by the Customer.

  7. The Customer understands and agrees that the Loan balance is not transferable to another GTT mobile subscriber.

  8. All calls made from the loan balance will be charged in accordance with the prevailing rates, charges and taxes applicable to the prepaid plan to which the Customer is subscribed.

  9. A customer may have multiple outstanding loans, provided that the total of all borrowings does not exceed their maximum credit limit as indicated by GTT, at its sole discretion thereof.

  10. A Customer will not be eligible for and have access to the Lendme unless the Customer’s account has been active on GTT’s network for at least ninety (90) days.

  11. Once a Lendme loan is taken by the Customer or anyone who has access to the Customer’s mobile phone, the Customer has thirty (30) days to repay, failing which the loan becomes overdue and is considered a bad debt. The Customer understands and agrees that GTT may take any necessary action to recover the bad debt.

  12. Should a loan become a bad debt, the Customer is still liable to repay the loan however once the loan is repaid, the Customer will be barred by GTT from taking another Lendme loan for thirty (30) days.

  13. If a Customer has an outstanding Lendme loan, the Customer will be restricted by GTT from porting his/her number from prepaid to postpaid, until the loan has been repaid.

  14. If a Customer has an outstanding Lendme loan and wishes to migrate to a post-paid package, Customer must first settle all outstanding amounts before they are able to convert.

  15. The Lendme Loan (loan amount only) can only be used for: 

    • Local GTT calls;

    • Local off-net calls to other networks;

    • GTT Regional calls;

    • Calls to USA, Canada, Spain, China, UK and India (landlines only);

    • Text messages (local and international destinations); and

    • Purchasing of subscription based plans (e.g. international calling plans, data plans, etc.

    • Core balance recharge

  16. Repayment of Lendme loan can be made from regular top up methods (by card and/or electronic vouchers) and from Online and Retail top up locations overseas or any other methods instituted by GTT.

  17. Lendme exclusions: 

    1. Customers will not be able to access the Offer while roaming; however, if the Customer has an outstanding Lendme loan balance it will be deducted from any top up made whilst roaming;

    2. Receipt of a Lendme loan does not qualify customers for top up based promotions e.g. Double and Triple Bubble and other top up based promotions. 

    3. To access the Offer, Customers are required to dial USSD code *100*3*7# and send, and select from the available loan amounts where applicable.

  18. Only selected customers who qualify for a Lendme loan will have loan amounts available to borrow. GTT is not obligated to disclose the qualification mechanism used.

  19. Customers who have declined to receive SMS Messaging from GTT will be prohibited from receiving Lendme offers via SMS.

  20. Customers will be notified of outstanding balances when they access the *100*3*7# USSD Menu/ or any other method as solely indicated by GTT.

  21. GTT reserves the right at any time, with or without notice, to vary the terms and conditions of the Offer, to amend its Terms and Conditions, or to withdraw the Offer. In the event of GTT giving notice to Customers of any such changes to withdrawal and/or cancellation of the Offer, it shall suffice for GTT to give Customers notice via messages to Customer handsets or to post such notification on GTT’s website, or any other method used by GTT at its sole discretion. Any such notification shall be effective immediately or as of the date referred to in such notifications by GTT.

  22. The general Terms and Conditions governing the relationship between GTT and GTT Prepaid Customers remain applicable in addition to any other terms and conditions of use of any of GTT’s other services including such as  GTT’s data service and Prepaid Calling plans, as well as GTT Acceptable Use Policy, all of which can be found at gtt.co.gy

    Effective as December 9th 2020