Do more on the go with FREE WiFi for GTT mobile data subscribers

How to get connected to FREE WiFi

1. For GTT prepaid subscribers, ensure you have an active data plan with data balance.

2. For GTT postpaid subscribers, an active service is required.

3. Go to "Settings" on your phone.  Tap on "WiFi" and choose the network "GTT + Do More."

Single SIM devices

1. Tap EAP method to change from PEAP to SIM
2. Tap Connect

Dual SIM devices

1. Tick the checkbox to show advanced options
2. Tap EAP method to change from PEAP to SIM
3. Select the SIM slot with the active GTT data plan
4. Tap Connect

Note: Only 1 or 2 required after your initial connection.

GTT WiFi Hotspots