1. What is GTT Fibre+ Voice?

    Fibre+ Voice is a high-speed internet and telephone service delivered over a 100% Fibre optic network. With this service, our customers will enjoy faster internet speeds, easy connectivity for multiple users, greater reliability, and added security with crystal clear telephone calls.

    The Fibre+ Voice plans provide customers with a Fibre internet and voice solution in one affordable package. New and existing Fibre customers can access to this voice and data solution.

    Registration requirements:
    To register for GTT Fibre+ Voice service the following is required:
    1. You must be located within an area that supports GTT Fibre high-speed internet service
    2. Valid proof of identification (e.g. National ID card, Driver’s license or Passport)
    3. Valid Email address
  2. What plans will be available for GTT Fibre+ Voice?
    GTT Fibre+ Voice comes with three optional speeds:
    Plan Name Monthly Charge Download Speed Upload Speed Free Monthly Minutes
    GTT Fibre 100+ $10,999 Up to 100 Mbps Up to 15 Mbps 3000
    GTT Fibre 200+ $12,999 Up to 200 Mbps Up to 20 Mbps 5000
    GTT Fibre 300+ $14,999 Up to 300 Mbps Up to 25 Mbps 10000
  3. What are the benefits of GTT Fibre+ Voice?
    1. More free minutes (up to 10000 free minutes available)
    2. Increased flexibility with bundled packages
    3. Great savings with lower cost per call – up to 68% in savings each month.
    4. Crystal clear call quality
    5. Three free calling features included in every plan:
      • Call waiting
      • Caller’s ID
      • 3-Way Calling
    6. Keep your existing home phone number when you upgrade to any GTT Fibre+ Voice Plan
  4. How will GTT Fibre+ Voice add value to my daily activities?

    GTT Fibre+ Voice gives you the best of both worlds with an internet and voice bundle. Get crystal clear calls, more complimentary minutes, and reduced costs per call.

  5. How do I know I’m eligible for GTT Fibre+ Voice?

    All existing GTT Fibre residential customers can upgrade to the GTT Fibre+ voice plans. Our Sales team will be in contact to provide the details.

    DSL or Landline customers can visit https://gtt.co.gy/fibre#current-service-areas and check “Current service Areas” to know if it is a Fibre area. You can also call 0FAS (0327) for eligibility information.

  6. Are the free bundled minutes valid for cell and/or international calls??

    Free monthly minutes are only valid for calls to GTT landlines and existing Fibre numbers.

  7. What are the free calling features available with GTT Fibre+ Plans?
    There are three (3) free calling features included in every plan:
    • Call waiting
    • Caller’s ID
    • 3-Way Calling
  8. What is the upfront installation cost?

    There is no installation fee. Service is billed monthly and is based on the plan selected.

  9. How can I move from DSL to GTT Fibre+ Voice?

    DSL or Landline customers can visit https://gtt.gy/gttfibre and check “Current service Areas” to know if it is a Fibre area. You can also call 0FAS (0327) for eligibility information.

  10. Is there a contract?

    No there is no contract for the Fibre+ voice add-on. Customers can opt in or opt-out free of charge.

  11. Will GTT Fibre+ Voice be available countrywide?

    GTT Fibre+ Voice service will be available in all Fibre areas.

  12. If I am migrating from DSL landline to GTT Fibre+ voice, can I keep my landline number?

    Yes, you will be able to retain your current landline number.

  13. Does GTT provide a landline instrument with the GTT Fibre+ Voice service?

    GTT will provide landlines phones customers who currently do not have an existing landline.

    Also to Customers with landline phones that’s damaged.

  14. Can I have more than one (1) phone line?

    Each GTT Fibre modem can accommodate a maximum of two (2) landlines.

  15. What are the existing calling rates for outbound calls from my GTT Fibre+ Voice number?

    GTT Fibre+ service comes with 500 to 5000 complimentary minutes to GTT Fibre and Landline services after which the customer will incur standard calling rates below:

      Landline Rates Fibre Rates Fibre+ voice rates
    Off-Peak On-Peak Off-Peak On-Peak
    Landline $0.88 $14.00 $0.40
    Intra-Exchange $0.80 $0.40
    Inter-Exchange - Zone A $3.30 $2.20
    Inter-Exchange - Zone B $4.40 $3.30
    Inter-Exchange - Zone C $5.50 $4.40
    Fibre (SIP) Line $7.00 $2.50 $0.40
    Mobile $12.00 $18.00 $12.00
  16. How will I get a bill?

    Your bills are available in three locations:

    • The MyGTT mobile app (iOS and Android)
    • MyAccount
    • Via WhatsApp upon updating your information here: gtt.gy/whatsapp-v
    • Bills can be paid in the following ways:
    • The MyGTT mobile app (iOS and Android)
    • MyAccount
    • Mobile Money Guyana (mmg+)
    • GTT Retail Stores or Bill Payment Agents
  17. How to get support for Fibre+ Voice?


    Live Chat: gtt.gy/livechat
    WhatsApp Number: 592-640- CHAT (2428)
    Customer Experience Email:customerexperience@gtt.co.gy
    Call Centre on 0488