DSL to Blaze Terms & Conditions

DSL - Blaze Promo Terms & Conditions

  1. By entering this promotion, the Customer agrees they will be legally bound by these terms and conditions as well as the terms and conditions governing the Blaze service.
  2. It will be at GT&T’s sole discretion as to whether any and all eligibility requirements have or have not been met and GT&T may require evidence or confirmation from customers.
  3. For this promotion, GT&T shall waive installation fees for all customers who have met GT&T’s eligibility requirements related to this promotion.
  4. DSL customers applying for GT&T’s Blaze Service must not be in arrears for any GT&T services at the time of application. If GT&T discovers that the Customer is in arrears, the Customer will not be eligible to participate in this promotion.
  5. Persons will only be eligible for this promotion, if applications are properly completed and submitted by way of GT&T’s website (gtt.co.gy/dsl-blaze-2020) during the Period.
  6. This promotion is only applicable to persons who at the time, when the application is to be made, have GT&T’s DSL Service and desires to transfer to GT&T’s Blaze Service.
  7. Customers who register for GT&T’s Blaze Service through this promotion, hereby understand and agree that they will be entering into a twelve (12) months contract with GT&T. As such, if customers wishes to terminate GT&T’s Blaze service before the expiration of the twelve (12) months, early termination fees shall apply, as they will be required to pay the waived installation fee.
  8. Customers will be allowed to upgrade and/or downgrade GT&T’s Blaze service (not terminate) during the promotional term selected by the Customer upon application; such promotional terms being up to July 31, 2020.
  9. If the Customer opts to upgrade and/or downgrade during the promotional term, the Customer understands and agrees that they will be required to pay the existing monthly charge of the upgraded or downgraded respective Blaze plan. This means that the Customer will no longer be able to benefit from the promotional price.
  10. Customers agree and understand that the monthly charge paid for the Customer’s DSL plan at the time of application, will be the monthly charge the Customer will pay for the GT&T’s Blaze service chosen by the Customer during the promotional period.
  11. The Customer further understands and agrees that upon the expiration of the promotional term, the Customer will be required to pay the existing monthly charge for the specific Blaze plan the Customer has at the time of expiration of the promotion period.
  12. Upon the installation of GT&T’s Blaze service, Customers will not be able to revert to the DSL Service at no time.
  13. This promotion will only be valid for areas where the Blaze Service is available.
  14. This limited-time offer begins on March 20, 2020 and shall conclude at 23:59hrs on April 30, 2020 (‘the Period’). GT&T shall have the sole option to extend this promotion.
  15. The Customer understands and agrees that GT&T may change these terms and conditions at any time. As such, the Customer should check GT&T’s website regularly for any changes and/or updates.
  16. Customers agree and understand that this promotion only applies to residential DSL and Blaze services.