Cloud Solutions


When someone asks, “what does your company do?” you wouldn’t say “Manage IT.”  Companies that use GTT Cloud Services can focus on their core business and not their IT.  Our experts manage not only your security, computing, data storage, networks, and operating systems, but also the complex tools and applications that run your business.  There is no need to invest in personnel, hardware, software, and data center expenses. Our flexible subscription-based service allows you to stay ahead of rapid changes in technology while eliminating capital expenses and reducing operational costs.


Office Cloud

Office Cloud delivers all the services and applications you need to run your business.  The bundle provides advanced email security, data back-up, Domain Name Systems (DNS) hosting and Office 365 productivity solutions powered by Microsoft.  It includes a comprehensive set of business productivity and collaboration tools, such as Outlook, Word, Excel, and other Office products that are always up to date.   You can protect your work files on all of your iOS, Android, and Windows 10 devices with enterprise-grade security that is simple to manage.

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Managed IT

Our fully-managed IT services suite is designed to provide you with 24/7 peace of mind, giving you time to focus on driving your business forward. We monitor your systems, apply patches, protect against viruses, and ensure backups are performing successfully.  We’ll catch (and fix) the little problems before they become big ones – in many cases before you’re even aware that there’s an issue; enhancing your IT and business functions and enabling greater IT agility and scalability.

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Desktop Cloud

Desktop Cloud provides a complete suite of cloud services which deliver highly secured Cloud Workspaces for your employees.  It includes secured virtual desktops, productivity applications, voice conferencing, collaboration, email security, data back-up, Domain Name Systems (DNS) hosting, and industry leading firewall and monitoring services that keep your managed environment safe and protected 24/7.  The solution hosted in our managed cloud platform eases the pressure to reduce IT costs as well as trends such as enterprise mobility and growing the number of employee-owned devices entering the workplace are all issues affecting IT decision-makers.

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Back Up and Disaster Recovery

Maintaining a secondary datacenter as a back-up and recovery solution is an expensive proposition. Significant capital is required for the initial build out and ongoing operating expenses add up quickly.  The cloud is the solution that enables faster disaster recovery of critical IT systems without incurring the infrastructure expense of a second physical site. 

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Small Business Cloud Solutions

Small Business Cloud Plans provide enterprise grade technology designed to meet the most pressing needs of the small business customers.  Our suite of small business solutions modernizes and secures your business with cloud technology that is accessible from anywhere.  Increase productivity with cloud communication, and collaborations services.  Protect important data with leading security monitoring and backup service.  Never again wait around for the IT Guy to show up; our 24/ 7 help desks will cover your most common IT problems. 

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