Business Fibre is a Burstable Wired High Speed Fibre Optic Internet Service delivering speed up to 300Mbps, specifically designed for your business needs.


Key Benefits

Get safe, reliable high-speed internet plus web-based tools for unbeatable prices.

  • High-speed fibre internet (secure fibre ONT included)
  • VIP Tech Support and troubleshooting
  • Service Level Agreement with fault resolution within 3 days
  • Video streams and video conferencing
  • Public IPs to support your network, servers, cameras
  • SIP lines for your PBX systems
  • Crystal clear call quality


Register For BizFibre

  Biz25 Biz75 Biz300
Price  $14,999 $21,999 $33,999
Download Speed (up to) - Mbps 25 75 300
Upload Speed (up to) - Mbps 5 15 50
Installation Cost $22,800 $22,800 $22,800
# Landline SIP included 1 1 1
# Public IPs included 1 1 1
Max # Public IP available 1 1 1
SLA (Business Hours) 120 72 72
Term  1 Year Contract 1 Year Contract 1 Year Contract

Prices above include VAT


1. What is Business Fibre?

Business Fibre is GTT’s first shared-bandwidth solution, delivered end-to-end on fibre-optic cable. We’ve designed a solution that suit your business needs, building in premium support and after-care service to help you get the most out of your plan. In particular, we offer you the reliability and assurance you need to run your business effectively,

2. How do I sign up for this service?

Simply fill out the online request form here and a Business Fibre expert will contact you to complete your application within 48 hours.

3. What plans are available?

There are two options to choose from: 10Mbps and 50Mbps (download). These packages cost G$21,999 VAT inclusive and G$33,999 VAT inclusive respectively.

4. What is the installation cost and how do I pay it?

The installation cost for Business Fibre is G$22,800 (VAT inclusive). This will be added to your first month’s bill once the service is activated.

5. How does it work/what is needed to enable connectivity?

Business Fibre is powered by three (3) components, which GTT will provide. A tap box (external use), an ONT and a battery back-up (internal use). In addition, each modem can accommodate a maximum of one (1) landline.

6. Will I need a Router to enable WIFI with Business Fibre?

Yes, you will need a wireless router to enable WIFI. Business Fibre is provided with a wired ONT. Therefore, you are required to independently install an internal Wi-Fi Router.

7. Will my speeds fluctuate?

Yes, your speeds may vary from time to time. However, this service provides a more stable internet connection than DSL since it is fibre-based, unlike DSL which is copper-based.

8. Will this solution be installed by GTT?

This service can ONLY be installed by a certified trained GTT Technician.

9. How will I be billed?

Business Fibre is supported by our robust online billing portal. MyAccount is GTT’s online portal that allows you to manage all your GTT accounts easily and securely. You get 24/7 access to your account where you can view and pay all of your bills. Get Registered today for FREE at 

10. Where can I pay my bills?

There are many ways to pay your bills.

  • Visit A GTT Business Office or Retail Store
  • Use your mobile phone with Mobile Money
  • The (MMG) app is an easy and convenient way to pay your bill. Registering is simple! Please visit
  • Pay at a GTT Money (Mobile Money) Agent
  • To find an Agent near you, please visit

11. Is Business Fibre available in my area?


  • Albertown
  • Bel Air Gardens
  • Bel Air Spings
  • Belvoir Court
  • Campbellville
  • Century Palm Gardens
  • Durban Backlands
  • Kingston
  • Kitty  
  • La Penitence
  • Lamaha Gardens
  • Lodge Housing Scheme
  • Meadowbrook Gardens
  • New Haven
  • North Cummingsburg
  • Prashad Nagar
  • Queenstown
  • South Cummingsburg
  • Subryanville
  • Thomas Lands
  • Tucville


  • Continental Park
  • D' Aguiar's Park
  • Eccles
  • Farm
  • Herstelling
  • Little Diamond
  • New Providence
  • Peter's Hall
  • Providence
  • Republic Park


  • Atlantic Gardens
  • Felicity
  • Goedverwagting
  • Good Hope
  • Happy Acres
  • Le Ressouvenir
  • Mon Repos
  • Ogle


  • La Grange
  • Nismes


  • Bagotville
  • Better Hope
  • Cummings Lodge
  • La Retraite
  • Montrose
  • Plaisance
  • Toevlugt
  • Vryheid's Lust

12. How do I get help and support when I need it?

For inquiries or to report a fault, GTT guarantees a resolution in 3 business days when following either of these options: