Christmas 2018

1. What is the Plus Size Christmas promotion?

The Plus Size Christmas promotion is a super-sized promotion that rewards GTT+ mobile prepaid and postpaid customers with BIG prizes for topping up, purchasing a data plan or paying their bill.

2. What are the BIG prizes I can win?

You can win BIG weekly prizes or a plus-sized grand prize as follows:

Weekly Winners


Winner 1

10GB data Plan

Winner 2

$10,000 Credit

Winner 3

$10K Super 95 gas from Guyoil


Grand Prize Winners




1st Runner Up

$150,000 Cash

2nd Runner Up

$100,000 Cash

3rd Runner Up

$50,000 Cash

3. What happens when I top up or purchase a data plan?

When you top up $1,000 or more, or buy a 3-day or more data plan, you receive a special character in addition to your credit and data plan.The characters spell +MORE.

When you have received all the characters to spell +MORE, you gain an entry in the promotion’s weekly and final draws.

4. Do I get characters when I pay my mobile postpaid bill?

When you pay the full amount on your mobile postpaid bill, you automatically receive an entry in the promotion’s weekly and final draws. No characters necessary.

5. Is there a particular amount to top up?

To participate in the promotion, you must top up $1,000 or more within a 24 hour period.  

For example, you can top up $500 in the morning and then another $500 before midnight and it will be counted as a $1,000 top up.

6. Can I buy any data plan to participate in the promotion?

You must buy a data plan that expires in 3 days or more to participate in the promotion.

The list of eligible data plans are identified below:




Data Only Plans

3 Day Data Plan



7 Day Data Plan



Monthly Data Plan



Prepaid Data Bundles

3 Day Mobile Bundle



7 Day Mobile Bundle



Monthly Mobile Bundle



Monthly+ Mobile Bundle



Monthly 10GB Bundle



Gyaff-A-Lot Bundles

Gyaff-A-Lot 3 Day Plan



Gyaff-A-Lot 7 Day Plan



Gyaff-A-Lot 14 Day Plan



Gyaff-A-Lot 30 Day Plan



7. How much do I have to pay on my mobile postpaid bill?

You must pay off any overdue balances and pay your current bill on, or before, the bill due date to participate in the promotion.

8. Do I get an entry when I pay my landline, DSL and Blaze bills?

Characters and entries are only earned when you top up $1,000 or more, buy a 3 day or more data plan, pay your mobile postpaid bill or fuel up $5,000 or more of Super 95 fuel at any Guyoil service station.

9. Are there any other ways to get characters?

You can dial *100#, select option 1 and buy any of the +MORE characters. Again, once you have all the characters to spell +MORE, you gain an entry in the promotion’s weekly and final draws.

10. Can I earn entries without getting characters or paying a bill?

GTT+ customers that purchase $5,000 worth of Super 95 fuel from Guyoil service stations will also earn an entry in the promotion’s weekly and final draws.

11. How do I keep track of my characters and entries earned?

You can see the number of characters and entries you have earned by dialing *100# and then selecting option 1.

12. What are the dates for the weekly and grand prize draws?

The draw dates are as follows:

Draw #


Weekly Draw 1

November 09, 2018

Weekly Draw 2

November 16, 2018

Weekly Draw 3

November 23, 2018

Weekly Draw 4

November 30, 2018

Weekly Draw 5

December 07, 2018

Weekly Draw 6

December 14, 2018

Weekly Draw 7

December 21, 2018

Grand Prize Finalists

December 21, 2018

13. How would I know if I am a weekly winner?

A GTT+ Marketing representative will contact you on the mobile number used to participate in the promotion to advise you that you have won. Please note that the representative will only advise on what prize you have won and the date and time to collect your prize. The representative will NOT ask you to top up or purchase anything further.

14. How do I enter to win the grand prizes?

Once you have earned entries in the promotion, you will be part of the final draw. All of the entries received will be collated into a single list. Four finalists will then be randomly chosen to compete for the grand prizes.

15. How will the grand prize winner be determined?

The four selected finalists will compete in various challenges and events. They will also be able to solicit votes from the public. The person that gets wins the most challenges and gets the most votes will be the grand prize winner. The remaining finalists will be ordered according to their number of challenges completed and votes received.